Our Universal Safety tops are ideal replacements for the lost, damaged or stolen tops from your radiators in your home, school or public building.

The biggest problem with missing tops is the safety aspect. An uncovered valve spindle is an accident waiting to happen and is considered a HSE issue. See our press cuttings for details of previous accidents.

One of the biggest problems with most replacement tops is they are just as easy to remove as the original tops. Ours on the other hand retain their simple fitting, but are very dificult to remove.

We supply many schools and other public buildings where liability for the safety of others can be both tragic and expensive.

Our range of tops is split into two

  • Our Domestic top which covers valves and pipework upto 15mm (½"). This size is mainly found in domestic properties but may occur in offices and the like.
  • Our Commercial top which covers valves and pipework 15mm (½") and above. This size of valve and pipework is typically found in Schools, public buildings and older office premsises.

Improve and make your environment safe NOW!

  • Do you want to be held responsible for the next accident?
  • Hold-Fast Universal Safety Tops are Fast, easy to fit and Tamper-Proof.
  • No experience or special tools are required to install them.
  • The Universal Domestic top fits all known valves up to 15mm (½").
  • The Universal Commercial top fits all known valves 15mm to 25mm (½" to 1").

It's a small price to pay to make your surroundings more pleasant and secure.